Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Syria's situation and the U.S. role

The simplest way to describe the situation in Syria is: It's very complicated.
For some people, the latest violence in that country is the result of a corrupt regime trying to hang on to power by whatever means it can. For others, the conflict is a symptom of a long history of a sectarian war between two major Muslims groups: Shias and Sunnis.
But the question that most people face here is: What should the U.S. do in this situation?
Any thought of a military action by Washington reminds people of the consequences we've faced in Iraq, Afghanistan and the previous wars. And the proponents argue with the example of the U.S. role in ending the Bosnian war.
I guess the question that everybody should be asking to themselves is: What should the most powerful country in the world do when thousands of people are being killed in the neighborhood (the global neighborhood)?
Because doing nothing at this point is simply not good.

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