Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Women distraction!

Many Americans may be thinking the war in Afghanistan is about over and with the last batch of troops coming home by summer next year the game is over. Well it's not. Because we are not fighting the Taliban, or al-Qaeda, or whatever new names they keep coming with. We are fighting an extreme religious mindset.
A recent news item about religious leaders in northwestern Pakistan banning women from going to markets without being accompanied by a male is a perfect example of how that mindset is refusing to go away. Their reason for this ban is to 'keep men from being distracted during the holy month of Ramadan'. Really? Well if you ask someone in Pakistan what's the best distraction for men in that part of the world: the answer would be 'men'.
Anyways. The point I am trying to make is that terrorism is not the only think we should be worried about. In fact, an act of terror is the last destination of a long journey of this kind of extreme religious mentality. Acts of banning women from going to markets, imposing your beliefs on others by force, silencing minorities, and brainwashing your kids into believing that if you don't do all of these things God will not be pleased, certainly lead towards greater harm.

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