Monday, March 4, 2013

Let’s claim responsibility for the Karachi blast

It’s happened again. One more bomb attack in Karachi targeted a mosque in a packed residential complex mostly housing Pakistan’s Shi’ite minority and killed about 45 people. Many women and children were burnt to death in their homes after the explosion.
Right after the blast, the cops, the journalists, and all the regular facebooker and tweeters were waiting to see who claims responsibility for the massacre. The usual suspect in these attacks is a Sunni extremist group called Lashkar-e-Jhangvi or LeJ. The group has proudly claimed responsibilities for the past attacks, including the last one in Quetta that killed about 100 people.
I know who is responsible for the attack in Karachi, and the one before in Quetta, and all the other similar attacks that took innocent lives. We all are.
Everyone who has remained silent over this madness that has now grown out of control. Everyone who did not and do not stand up to the hate speeches (all kinds) that come out of the loudspeakers at mosques and political and religious rallies. Everyone who thought it was a good idea to stop one violent movement by raising another violent movement.
I am sorry to say this to all those Facebook and Twitter sympathisers, but just prayers won’t stop this. It never has and never will. The problem is in Pakistan and only the people of Pakistan have the ability to solve it. And they should start by first recognizing that there is a problem.
But it’s unfortunate to see it’s political and religious leaders busy preparing for their strategies for the next elections to get the most votes.

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