Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A darkness of different kind

This weekend there was a near complete blackout in Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan with a population of about 18 million. It wasn’t just Karachi. People in other cities too were without electricity for many hours. And it’s nothing rare for a population that is used to of daily, multi-hour power breakdowns.
That’s not a problem to me. The real problem is: nobody gives a damn about taking that problem seriously. The recent darkness in Karachi was lifted in a day, but the real darkness of ignorance and inability of it’s leaders to take up a wolf pack of problems is getting thicker by the day.
Look up a few Pakistani news papers online and you’ll find it’s political leaders busy ganging up to take the most out of the upcoming general elections.
If there is anything that unites Pakistan’s left and right, it’s wackos (all kinds), it’s rural pharaohs and urban thugs, it is their common greed to stay in power.
Only a few weeks back, everyone seemed to have reached their tipping point over the massacre of religious minorities, now they are looking for their power points.
And in the next few weeks it will be something else.

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