Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newsweek's 'Gun' cover and the backlash

Newsweek magazine's recent 'Hands off our guns' cover story by David Mamet, a conservative playwright and a Pulitzer Prize winner, where Mamet draws a connection between Marxist theory of wealth distribution and President Obama's recent gun-conrol policies, has resulted in a furious response from many corners.

One of the response was Newsweek's partner organization The Daily Beast's writer Michael Tomasky. Tomosky writes about how Mamet is twisting facts to reinforce his views (which obviously are a result of watching too much of Fox News).

The debate may go on forever, but the fact is we have so many innocent people, including kids as little as first graders, are dead. And the question is how do we stop those crazy incidents.

I believe both sides are taking extreme postions. Yes, just banning guns will not stop the crazy from causing the damage. But giving everyone a gun will not stop it too.

You would think the tight security given to presidents, prime ministers and public leaders saves them from all the dangers. If they did, we wouldn't have all those famous assassinations.

We have to do a lot, in addition to making sure that those guns dont end up in wrong hands. But one thing that we aren't supposed to do, is to shout so loud that we can't listen to the other person.

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